Benchmarks for Evaluating Outsourced Creative Partnerships

Benchmarks for Evaluating Outsourced Creative Partnerships

Actively assessing the performance of your outsourcing partner’s creative efforts is a critical component of any outsourcing partnership. By measuring the success of your campaigns, you can ensure your outsourced team is helping you make informed decisions, optimizing your resources, and enhancing your overall marketing performance. 

If you aren’t sure how to gauge the impact and effectiveness of your creative services, Jim Battista, SEBPO’s Senior Director of Creative Services, shares some valuable insights for evaluating your outsourcing partner’s quality and contributions:

How can clients measure the success/performance of their outsourcing partner’s creative services?

Because design is subjective, measuring your outsourcing partner’s success can be complex. To begin, it is important to fully understand what your main business objectives are when measuring success rates, as those can be subjective, too. Here are a few tricks to nail down concrete design checkpoints: 

“You can create your designs based on color theory, best practices, or even manual data,” says Battista. “But in the long run, it really comes down to the number of clicks each designed ad gets.”